Why I'm Running

I’m running for District Attorney because:

  1. I’m more than qualified to assume office and get to work on Day 1.
  2. I’ve got a lifetime of courtroom trial experience prosecuting felons, defending cases behind the bar and presiding from the bench.
  3. The citizens of San Luis Obispo County deserve better from the District Attorney’s Office than we’re getting.
  4. We can do better, and I will deliver on that pledge.
  • Our District Attorney’s Office and our courts are no place for partisan politics and political gamesmanship. This needs to change – now.
  • The District Attorney’s Office is the last stop on my electoral journey, not a potential stepping stone for higher office.
  • Every action taken by the DA’s Office under my watch will be informed by the principles of fairness, justice, equality under the law and constitutionality – not political gain or favor.
  • It’s time for transparency and accountability in the administration of our intertwined criminal justice, County Jail and mental health systems.
  • The death of Andrew Holland at the County Jail, after being placed in a restraining chair for over 46 hours, warrants a complete local investigation.
  • One death in County Jail is a death too many, but sometimes such incidents happen in jails across the country. However, 12 deaths in five years in one jail indicate there’s something wrong.
  • Why has the current District Attorney remained silent on this problem? This lack of public accountability and official opacity surrounding the jail must change.
  • County residents are entitled to answers from their elected officials. Shirking responsibility to an unaccountable, unresponsive federal agency inhibits public oversight and infuses the tinge of “cover up.”
  • It’s long past time for citizen oversight of our County Jail, which is why I’m calling for a Citizens Oversight Commission, whose mission and makeup would be determined after thorough research, public hearings and, possibly, a public vote.