Key Issues

The case of Andrew Holland’s jailhouse death:

If elected District Attorney, I will investigate the death of Andrew Holland, in which a severely mentally ill County Jail inmate died within minutes of being released from the plastic restraining chair to which he had been strapped by jail staff for more than 46 hours.

This is a case that cries out for a local investigation. I believe the Holland family and the public deserve a complete accounting as to what exactly, happened, and why.

Public oversight of the County Jail:

I’m calling for some form of Citizens Oversight Commission – whose mission and makeup would be determined after thorough research, public hearings and, possibly, a public vote – to provide more visibility into this jail’s operations respecting mental health, and possibly other issues.

Current District Attorney Verdicts:

The District Attorney’s Office, under Mr. Dow, has suffered an unprecedented number of “not guilty” verdicts in serious, high-profile cases:

The current District Attorney doesn’t have the skills and experience to properly evaluate cases. Accordingly, in my judgment and that of many in the legal community, he’s been a very poor District Attorney. Although it’s not to be taken as personal criticism, I plan to comment on his performance during the campaign.


We’ve waited nearly four years for the current District Attorney to learn on the job. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be progressing. We’ve waited long enough. It’s time for adult intervention to put someone in the office who knows how to do the job as a professional.